Create Your HR Action Plan: Prepare for 2019

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Join us for this interactive seminar to improve your organization’s bottom line. Address culture and opportunities for employee growth. Develop ways to work together within a diverse workforce. Leave ready to create your company’s best culture.

  • Friday, September 14
    Registration/Networking: 9:00 – 9:30am
    Program: 9:30am – 3:30pm

    **Qualifies for 5 Business Recertification Credits / 5 SHRM PDCs**

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    Specially for: HR Managers




Join us for this interactive seminar to improve your organization’s bottom line through addressing culture and opportunities for employee development. Gain invaluable information on current workplace trends, as well as a step-by-step guide to create your own plan of action when it comes to tackling generational diversity, developing future leaders, and inspiring collaboration.
We will cover and work on an action plan with a step-by-step guide for you as an HR professional to implement within your organization. We will address and find outcomes for:

1. How to create a People strategy aligned with organizational initiatives and business objectives for 2019.
2. How to engage employees so that growth is accelerated and results in bottom line growth for the company.
3. Identify and adopt new trends in the workplace to continue to build your ability to be an employer of choice.


As we address the ways in which to work together within a diverse workforce, we will uncover the challenges and rewards of managing different generations. This includes taking a look at mentoring; creating connections and understanding how the role of HR ensures that culture improves bottom line results for the organization. We’[ll take a look at some employee engagement data and discuss how to leverage it to engage your employees.
We will break out into groups and work on your own action plan for your organization. We will discuss best practices for implementing a plan of action and what tools and resources are needed throughout the implementation process.


Kirsti Tcherkoyan, CEO & Co-Founder, Options4Growth
Kirsti brings over 20 years of experience working closely with senior executives, mid-tier leaders, and teams in a multitude of industries. She brings solid business strategy to organizations focusing on culture, communication, leadership and strategic thinking.

Growth isn’t an accident. It requires depth and breadth of experience. It takes the kind of coaching that Kirsti provides for the creation and execution of strategic plans for both businesses and professionals.  Kirsti firmly believes that organizations of all sizes and types are successful when employees at all levels are better at what they do and she has built a reputation around helping organizations and executives achieve clarity and vision in developing strategies and exceeding goals.


Cancellations received less than seven calendar days from the program date are not refundable. If cancellation within seven days of the program is unavoidable, a credit for a future event will be granted, minus a $75 administration fee ($15 for regional meetings). Credits must be used within one year of issue. A substitute attendee is allowed at the applicable NCHRA member/non-member rate in lieu of credit. Separate cancellation policies apply for the HR West Conference and Certification Preparation Courses.


Are you Perpetuating Gender Bias with your Performance Review Process?

Working toward gender equality is a slow grind. Gender Bias is systemic; for change to truly happen, discussions need to be front and center in business every day. Businesses need to look deep into existing processes to see where gender bias is institutionalized. Performance reviews and processes are one of those areas where the status quo of inequity becomes perpetuated.

Performance Reviews and Gender Bias

We can start to address gender bias by looking at normal business practices. Harvard Business Review published an illuminating article that identifies clear patterns of gender bias in annual performance reviews. Its author, Paola Cecchi-Dimeglio, reached a number of important conclusions about the current state of annual reviews:

  • Traditional review methods are out-of-date
  • Objective feedback tends to be equally fair to men and women
  • Subjective feedback can lead to gender bias, favoring men over women
  • Feedback for women tends to be more vague than feedback for men
  • Double-standards in performance review language consistently favor male employees
  • Women often do not receive full credit for their work compared to the credit that men get for similar work
  • Eliminating bias hinges upon using objective data
  • Performance tracking tools that capture real-time feedback help minimize bias

Gender bias in performance reviews causes a chain reaction, leading to fewer promotions at every level. The numbers validate this pattern. Here’s a breakout of workforce demographics by gender, clearly demonstrating that women are passed over for promotions at every level:

Percentage of Women in the Corporate Hierarchy:

  • 21% – “C-Suite” (CEO, COO, CFO etc.)
  • 22% – Senior Vice President
  • 29% – Vice President
  • 34% – Director / Sr. Manager
  • 37% – Manager / Supervisor
  • 48% – Entry Level

Addressing this inequity starts with how companies evaluate talent as an integral part of doing business.

Understanding Your Workforce

Unfortunately, businesses don’t pay attention to their own people the same way they pay attention to their customers. Marketers, for example, use complex tools and metrics to better understand their customers; company leadership needs to do the same thing with its own people. The better a business understands its customers, the better it can serve them. The better a business understands its employees, the better it can eliminate gender bias.

Where do companies fall short, then, in understanding their employees to the same degree that they understand their customers? In order to neutralize gender bias in performance reviews, evaluation methods and tools need to be gender-neutral.

Fixing Gender Bias in Performance Reviews

To level the playing field in performance reviews, Cecchi-Dimeglio identified changes that are easy to implement and produce concrete results:

Use objective criteria, minimizing personality-based feedback

  • Broaden the group of people providing feedback, including supervisors, colleagues and clients
  • Increase the frequency of feedback
  • Use automated, real-time communication tools to snapshot performance over time
  • Use gender-neutral language in feedback forms and fields
  • Design forms and fields to encourage constructive feedback

These ideas also contribute to a company culture that’s built around employee satisfaction. Businesses can reinforce teamwork with opportunities for colleagues to celebrate each other. They can encourage employee engagement by providing clarity to workers on how they contribute to company goals.

Using the right tools helps identify leadership skills, even at the entry level – and creates gender-neutral pathways to promotion. Our breakthrough software platform OpaConnect does more than meet the need for regular objective feedback – it keeps the entire company focused and on track, and helps recognize leadership skills at every level. We designed OpaConnect to be a best-in-class solution for performance management. If you’re dedicated to success and workplace satisfaction, you can learn more about OpaConnect here.

We’re proud of our women-led company. We’ve seen the powerful leadership that comes naturally to women: as entrepreneurs, as executives, as board members, and business leaders. We’re encouraged by the progress we’ve seen, and we’re committed to empowering working women at every level. We believe in women, and we believe in doing the hard work to achieve equity in the workplace.

Jill Pappenheimer, President