“OpaConnect” Links People to Strategy

I have to say we are not in the habit of blogging, but we have a big announcement to make, hence the shout out. Options4Growth has been consistently delivering the message to our clients and our network about the importance of connecting “people” to the organization’s strategy. When employees share in the creation of their roles and responsibilities and can see the link to the company initiatives, change happens, accountability and engagement occurs.

Conceptually, this makes good sense, but how do you implement? As of last week Options4Growth has engaged on our own journey of practice what you preach. We now have our own proprietary, cloud based tool, that helps employees engage, perform and move in the same forward direction, together, toward the completion of company initiatives.  Key word here is “together”.

The software enables each employee to see how achieving their goals adds to the bigger picture and enables them to see exactly the value they bring to the company. It also allows them and the management chain to see how they are performing against the goals they set, regularly, not annually. This in-itself could eliminate the need for performance reviews, as everyone will be on the same page for every employee’s performance, eliminating the subjectivity, arduous work, and frequent employee-employer communication challenges common in performance reviews today.

Hmmm, eliminate performance reviews and still have everyone moving in a forward direction toward completing defined company initiatives.  Hard to imagine, but easier than you think to accomplish.

Email info@options4growth.net for more information about OpaConnect and rid your organization of the dreaded annual review process.