A Powerful Employee Driven Strategic Performance Management Platform

Develop Exceptional Supervisors

Connect a remote workforce

Foster a culture of innovation

Aligning People & Strategy

Managing a remote workforce has its challenges. When employees share in the creation of their roles and responsibilities and can see the link to the company initiatives, change happens; accountability and engagement occurs. The entire organization becomes more agile and efficient. With BPM Link everyone knows:

Their unique primary job responsibilities and how they are measured

How they are performing against expectations

How their efforts contribute to meeting company initiatives

The entire organization’s performance at a glance

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Designed by the Leaders of Options4Growth

We’ve leveraged over 40 years of combined experience in HR and Growth Advising to design the best tool for the aligned workforce

Our breadth and depth of HR knowledge has driven us to develop this game changing software tool

Combined with our coaching and growth advising experience, BPM Link is not only innovative but raises HR’s role to the highest strategic level

We have created an amazing user experience, through our world class development and design teams, your employees will love

Your HR department will become your most powerful asset