Work-Life Balance: Integrating Our Passion

Our work does not define us. For many, work is just a job; but at its best, our work is a reflection of our beliefs and our passions. Company leaders can take it to the next level, discovering excitement and responsibility in integrating personal passions into company identity.

I was talking about this with our recruiter, Adina Zinn. Adina is a passionate recruiter and, as I discovered, is deeply involved in her community as well. The more we talked, the more I felt the value of her story, and the more I wanted to share it.

Adina is very active volunteering in her local community. She works with local groups and friends to organize community events. Adina gives freely of her time and talent, but it was the “why” that caught my attention.

Passion for Making the World a Better Place

Adina is determined to make a difference. She believes that positive social actions, no matter how large or small, make the world a better place. She has connected with like-minded people who are also committed to advocacy and positive change. Together their passion and commitment enriches the community, and encourages others to work toward community goals, to give back and think big.

The power of community is that, underneath it all, people want to make a difference. People are looking for something to connect to. One of the events that Adina helped organize in 2017 attracted 10,000 people when they were expecting maybe 1,000. At another event, nearly 1,000 people gathered to form a huge human banner spelling out “END HATE!”

Cultural Heritage

Adina embraces her Jewish heritage and practices “tikkun olam,” a commitment to contribute to the welfare of society and make the world a better place. Partly due to this connection with her spiritual heritage, when Adina speaks of her community work she says “it chose me, I didn’t choose it.”

Adina feels that the important work that we do in the world is given added weight when we feel that we’re part of something larger than we are. Cultural heritage is important to that sense of contribution, building continuity and adding our own efforts to what came before us.

Family-friendly events are important to Adina’s volunteer work, and serve as a model for young people. When families and communities come together to contribute to the greater good, it teaches kids to take a stand for values they believe in. Family involvement creates new cultural traditions that pass on to future generations.

Intersection of Work and Passion

Adina is a gifted and passionate recruiter, and she loves making connections between employers and job seekers. She finds great satisfaction in helping employers and employees find each other, and sees that as another form of the same principle: making the world a better place.

Consider a Venn diagram: where do personal passions and work interests overlap? This can be a valuable exercise for management. Is there a Venn diagram that shows where your personal passions and your work satisfaction intersect? Where does your company vision overlap with your personal worldview?

I asked Adina what she would say if she were addressing a room full of CEOs and executives. Her answer surprised and intrigued me: she said “get out of your own way.” She elaborated by saying that her community work has inspired her to overcome fears and push herself in ways that make her uncomfortable. She said if you care enough about something, you’ll push past barriers and surprise yourself with what you can do.

Company leadership can benefit from these simple lessons. The first step is to ask yourself: is there something that I’m passionate about that I could be contributing in my neighborhood? What might enrich my community and inspire me to bring that passion to my workplace? And taking the next step: what can I do to inspire my employees to do the same, and work together in that Venn intersection where personal passions and work satisfactions overlap?

That’s part of our company culture at Options4Growth, and I encourage company leadership to make it part of yours.

Kirsti Tcherkoyan

CEO, Options4Growth & OpaConnect