Options4Growth Co-Founder Kirsti Tcherkoyan Profiled in Forbes Online

Kirsti Tcherkoyan, Co-Founder of Options4Growth, was recently profiled in Forbes Online. Kirsti and her business partner, Jill Pappenheimer, have a unique approach to running their business—they honor their people. They hire people who can no longer work 60 hours a week, but don’t want to be limited by what part-tme employment opportunities may offer. People want flexibility to pick up the kids, or care for their elderly parents. The employees of Options4Growth drive their own work schedules, so they can prioritize their lives. Kirsti and Jill’s approach is to empower employees to volunteer their time, give back to their communities, take care of themselves and their families.


This honoring of PEOPLE concept carries thru to their cloud based software tool called OPA Connect, that Kirsti and Jill are introducing to the market. This tool is a solution to the problem that has been exposed in media recently—eliminating annual performance reviews. Annual reviews are backward looking, one time, subjective perspective of an employees performance. What OPA Connect brings to an organization is an opportunity to be forward looking, while addressing our unique human nature and requirement for communication, clarification and acknowledgment. After all, it is all about the PEOPLE.

Read the full article about Kirsti and Jill ’s successful approach to growing their businesses, at Forbes Online.