Kirsti in Kenya – My Last Update from Kenya

Saturday was the second day of leading a “Mastering the Rockefeller Habits” workshop in Nairobi.  The workshop was made up of working class women, many of which are entrepreneurs, looking grow their businesses.  We worked again, on the normal foundation of a strong business, including defining their core values.  Many of which included:

  • Hard work
  • Respect
  • Trustworthiness
  • Fear of God

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Kirsti in Kenya – A Day for the Entrepreneurs

Today was a day for me to dig in and work hard. Part of the work I am doing in Nairobi is with two small non-profits, eMentor and Youth Banner.  Both programs support entrepreneur’s by giving them training and mentoring to start their own businesses.  I am working with individuals, who have gone through the training programs and have already been running their own businesses for a period of time.  The workshops focus on how they can build a solid foundation for their businesses and how to grow them.


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Kirsti in Kenya – Day Two of Visiting Schools

Today we visited three more schools, all of which are public, government run institutions. What struck me the most, was that every single school had their mission, vision and core values posted all around the school.  It was amazing!


I spoke with Alice Watakah, the Deputy at Kileleshwa Primary School, and asked why it was that all of the public schools had this.  Her answer was simple. “Because we must!  How else would people know what we do and why we are here?”   Such a simple answer to a tough question.

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Kirsti In Kenya – A Cultural Consciousness

The first time I traveled to Kenya, I was taught that it was important to not force my Western standards on a country whose culture is quite different than mine.  The lesson has been a difficult one to learn, and today I found myself really questioning my own assumptions of how “things should be.”

Kirsti with Teacher Alfred, Volunteer Josh and three students.

Kirsti with three of the students, Teacher Alfred (center) and Josh (left), another volunteer.

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Kirsti in Kenya – They Say, “It Takes A Village!”

Today, we spent the day in what could be considered a small village.  Four small classrooms with nearly 100 children crammed inside of them.  And teaching them are two teachers who have done an amazing job of not only teaching the basics for school, but the basics of life.

Evelyn Waneloba and Alfred Gatimu are two remarkable teachers in this tiny learning center in the heart of Kawangware, Kenya. Kawangware is the second largest slum outside of Nairobi, home to over 400,000 people.  In this small learning center called, “Ray of Hope” and “Little Ray of Hope”, Evelyn and Alfred and a small group of others, make sure the children are clothed and fed each day before they go to school.  The older group of children, all go to public schools during the day, and get their breakfast and tutoring at the Ray of Hope.  The Little Ray of Hope is home to over 50 children from ages 2 – 7, who are being taught the basics before they can go to public school.

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Options4Growth is More Than Just an HR Company

When we (Kirsti Tcherkoyan and Jill Pappenheimer, co-founders) started Options4Growth two years ago, we began with the shared vision to support small to mid-sized companies with their growth thoughtfully, and to build our own great company for career parents to be a part of. In keeping with that vision today, we continue to successfully support starts-up’s and growing organizations with attentive, strategic pursuit of growth. We love the work that we do, the companies and people we are able to support in the process.

Just as important to us, is our desire and aspiration to support women and children through our efforts with non-profit organizations. Kirsti will be traveling to Kenya this week to work with the Ray of Hope Foundation, eMentoring Africa and Youth Banner, to provide training to 50 women on much needed business skills and ensure a small group of children are receiving the best possible education available.

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HR Strategy: What is the Growth Strategy Roadmap and How Are You Going to Get There?

Welcome to the latest Options4Growth blog! We’re your go-to source for all topics related to HR Strategy and so much more.

Businesses of all sizes want to grow. Lack of planned, strategic growth can quickly kill a business. So what gets in the way of successful growth and how do we measure when growth does occur so you can capture and repeat it, again and again?  How do we measure success?

Common themes reported by Senior Managers and business owners:

  • Lack of confidence in the organization’s ability to achieve the strategic growth plan.
  • Employees frequently don’t understand the organization’s plan and their role in it.
  • Communication in the organization isn’t what it should be.
  • There is no accountability within the organization.
  • What did the company accomplish so far this year?  No ability to measure success.

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HR Consulting: Top 5 Human Resources Trends

Welcome to the latest Options4Growth blog! We’re your go-to source for all topics related to HR consulting and so much more.

Despite the rules and regulations that govern the HR industry, Human Resource professionals are constantly finding new ways to better themselves, their companies and the employees they serve. While all HR trends may not suit every company or type of business, it’s important to note how other industry professionals face their day-to-day challenges. We can learn a lot from watching our colleagues, even if we strike down a path of our own. Check out some of the top, current HR trends and see if you’re ready to jump on the bandwagon.

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Options4Growth Presents at the SF Small Business Conference – May 15th. Register now!how to attract top employees

Helping small businesses develop into successful companies is one or our passions.  Every year we volunteer our time to present present a topic and lead a discussion at the Small Business Conference in San Francisco.  The title of the presentation is “Smart Hiring –  Getting the Right People, in the Right Seats, Doing the Right Things“.   Come out and participate.  More information can be found at

When:  Wednesday May 15, 2013 9:00am – 10:30am

Where: San Francisco State University Downtown Campus (835 Market Street San Francisco, CA 94103)

Attracting top employees is key to every business. But how you define the job, and make sure you measure success, are the keys to keeping great employees. Join us and other human resources professionals for a fun, interactive session that will give you specific tools to help you hire top employees that are a great fit for your organization.

To Register:

HR Advice: 5 Best Ways to Attract and Retain Top Employees Through Benefits

Welcome to the latest Options4Growth blog! We’re your go-to source for all topics related to Human Resources.

As a business owner, you want to attract and retain top employees to help manage and run your company. But how do you entice that promising prospect over to your team? Salary is a good starting point, but it’s often not the top (or, certainly, only) consideration a job candidate will have when making his or her decision. The employee services and benefits offered by an organization can make all the difference – not only in enticing new employees, but also in keeping your current ones happy and working hard. Here are some of the best employee services and benefits around, including a few non-traditional ones that may inspire you to get creative with some new benefits of your own:

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